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What Now?!? Toons by Keith Tucker

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TPP investor state dispute settlement cartoon, TPP, stop tpp, trans pacific partnership, trans pacific partnership protests, TPP fast track, no fastrack TPP, stop the TPP, TPP cartoons, TPP political cartoons, TPP investor state dispute settlement, Tpp Obama,Obama-International-Community,Environmentalism,Trans-Pacific Partnership,Tpp, Big Pharma, International Trade, Pharmaceutical Companies, labor unions,Small Business, Intellectual Property, Obama Trade Policy, Politics News, political cartoons, labor cartoons, liberal cartoons, collective bargaining, your job, nafta, cafta, shafta
The Trans Pacific Partnership, It can cost us all!

47 Traitors, Barack Obama,  Congress,  Daily kos, Foreign Relations, France, Germany, GOP Wants War,  International Iran Iranian Weapons Negotiations, John McCain, Letter to Iran, National Security, Nuclear Arms Negotiations, peace negotiations, Sedition, Senator Mark Rubio, Senator Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, Treason, U K United States, White House,World Leaders Condemn Acts By Paul, Rubio & 47 'Traitors', political cartoons
Violating the Logan Act?

congress,multi-employer pension plans,collective bargaining agreement,pension cut, pension cuts, senior citizen, senior citizens, Congress, benefits cut, benefits cuts, benefit cut, benefit cuts, union pensions, union pension, Congressmen, Congressman, collective bargaining
Congress Allows Union Pension Cuts!

More Threats Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo Attacks Paris, Terrorist Attacks, Islamophobia, Attaque Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo March,Charlie Hebdo Solidarity March, Charlie Hebdo Rallies, WorldPost Europe
Charlie Ebdo

New Years 2015, Republicans Fiscal Policy 2015, Republicans 2015, Republican Congress, 2015 Republicans,Gop 2015, 114 th congress, political cartoons 2015,Senate, House of Representatives, Obamacare, Welfare, Economy
Happy New Year!

Colorado Marijuana, IT'S LEGAL NOW, legal pot, Legalization cartoons, Legalizing Marijuana, marijuana cartoons, medical Marijuana, Oregon Marijuana, rocky mountain high, Oregon pot
Make it green this winter!

Dick Cheney Torture, Dick Cheney Cia,Dick Cheney Enhanced Interrogation, Dick Cheney Torture Report, Dick Cheney Meet the Press, Torture Report, Politics News, GITMO,  political cartoons, liberal cartoons
Cheney Calls Torture Report A Crock, Says He'd 'Do It Again'

AP, St. Louis Rams Ferguson, Rams Hands Up Nfl, Ferguson, Football Players,Hands Up Don't Shoot,Eric Garner Death, Eric Garner Protests,Lebron James I Cant Breathe,I Can't Breathe,Ferguson Ferguson Protests, Hakeem Jeffries, Congressional Black Caucus, Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, Ferguson Grand Jury, House Ferguson Protest
Hands Up Don't Shoot!

Independent contractors,labor cartoons, labor rights, FedEx drivers , labor laws,payroll employees,  fedex independent contractors, political cartoons, labor unions cartoons, middle class cartoons, wage gap, wages, wealth gap,
Independent contractors ( in name only ) no longer cheated!

Citizens united, money in politics, Elections 2014, America's Plutocracy,new Congress,billionaires,left-right polarization,Republican Landslide,Right-wing Radicals,political cartoons,  Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis,, Midterm Elections,GOP victory,wealthy special interests, republican wave, TTP, keystone pipeline,
Now we see what 7 billion dollars can do to our elections.

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