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What Now?!? Toons by Keith Tucker

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Barack Obama , White House, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Department Of Justice, Justice Department, Obama Pardons, Presidential Pardons,  Obama-Commutation, Turkey Pardon, Politics News, political cartoons, turkey cartoons, independent political cartoons
Happy Thanksgiving!

Health Insurance, Health Care, Health Care Reform, Health Care, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare Canceled Plans, Canceled Health Plans, Health Insurance Exchanges, If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It, Jeffrey Young on Health Care, Obamacare, Obamacare Exchanges, Obamacare Fix, Obamacare Glitches, Obamacare Website, Uninsured, Politics News, political cartoons, liberal cartoons
You Can Keep Your Crappy Healthcare Plan!

Free Trade Agreements, The One Percent, Gilded Age, Poverty, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Reich, Bargaining Power, Shareholder Value, Unions, Inequality, Politics News, political cartoons, Matt Taibbi, Walmart, Poverty, Koch Brothers, Wall Street, Top 1 Percent, labor cartoons, Business News,  Income Gains One Percent, Income Gains 1 Percent, Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann
The One Percent Income Gains!

Debt Ceiling, Debt Limit, House Republicans Debt, Sander Levin, U.S. Credit Rating, Tea party, Congress Debt Ceiling, Congress Debt Limit, Dave Camp, Debt Limit Congress, Full Faith And Credit Act, Pay China First, Politics News, GOP, Obama,  short-term debt ceiling, progressive cartoons
GOP Surrenders it's Hostages!

Debt Ceiling, Economy, Republican Party, Debt Limit, U.S. Treasuries,  Congress Debt Limit, Debt Ceiling Default, Debt Default, GOP Default, Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Politics News, Obama, Democrats, political cartoons, Republican shut down, independent news
Hostage Crisis Continues!

Government Shutdown, John Boehner, Republican Party, Obama, Debt Limit, Debt Default, House Republicans Debt Ceiling, John Boehner Debt Ceiling, John Boehner Debt Limit, Politics News, independent political cartoons, progressive cartoons, GOP, Democrats, Uncle Sam,daily Kos, Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann
Boehner Offers to Release ONE Hostage!

Government Shutdown, Congress, Congress Government Shutdown, Government Shutdown 2013, Government Shuts Down, Shutdown, Politics News, Barack Obama , Debt Ceiling,The Fed, Affordable Care Act, Bank Of England, Ted Cruz, UK Politics, eurozone crisis, Obama Debt Ceiling, Obamacare, UK NEWS, UK News, political cartoons, liberal cartoons
GOP Government Shutdown!

Eat the Press, Debt Ceiling Crisis,  Republicans Debt Ceiling, political cartoons, the daily show, Debt Ceiling, Government Shutdown, Republicans Government Shutdown, Media Criticism, Government Shutdown Debt Ceiling, Politics News, liberal cartoons, democratic cartoons, independent political cartoons, Ted Cruz, obamacare
Not Another Debt Ceiling Crisis!!!

American labor movement ,  history of organized labor, Labor Movement & The New Deal, organized labor, American history,(AFT) Albert Shanker Institute, high school history textbooks, American history, unions, down the Memory Hole,Worker's Rights, American history textbooks, Labor Day, 40 hour work week, child labor laws, over time pay, labor guilds
Labor History Down The Memory Hole!

Barack Obama, Bashar Al-Assad, Obama Syria, Syria Violence, Obama Syria Announcement, Syria Chemical Weapons, Syria , Politics News, political cartoons, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, U.S. Military Strike Syria, U.S. Military Syria, U.S. Strike Syria, Intervention Syria, Syria U.S. Congress, Syria Intervention, Syria Intervention Congress, Syrian Intervention, Syrian War, War In Syria, Canada News
Jobs, not War!!

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